The New Apple in the Garden City

Okay, so I finally got the chance to set foot upon the first Apple flagship store in Southeast Asia.

First impressions? The store is spacious yet compact, minimalist (as usual) yet saturated and looks more like an art gallery than a shop to be honest. It is a design temple.

Its Chic Environment

Image result for Apple Orchard Singapore

Not only can you listen to their music for free there, there are also hidden charging ports for you to just plug in and charge your devices. And don’t worry, these ports are well hidden and integrated into the tables and can only be swiped open using your hand as it is motion sensor activated.

Not only is it chic but it is also instagram-mable worthy. Aside from the contemporary clean environment there are also a pair of dramatically weaved staircases that are perfectly suited for any OOTD-holic (outfit of the day) to snap away, especially when the curves were designed to look like those on an iPhone (according to a spokesperson).

Keeping with minimalism

Image result for Apple Orchard Singapore

Almost everything that needs to be hidden is kept hidden, except for the products that are on display, turning it into a magnificent sort of exhibition/museum-shopping gallery in a sense.

Speaking of their products, Apple has also partnered French luxury fashion chain Hermes to strap you up in style with the iWatch, offering you a range of leather straps to suit your taste and preference.

There is even a hidden meeting room for budding entrepreneurs and businessmen!

Related image

What is there to do besides shop?

Well, the store’s second floor is not only designed to charged your devices, they also offer a wide range of activities, from music labs to photography classes to workshops for kids, you will not need to worry if you think there isn’t anything there for you or your family to do. If all else fails, you can always just sit back and chill, the atmosphere there is enough to keep you tranquil and relaxed.

Overall, the Apple Orchard Store is definitely a premium store that offers premium services and products. Just like its neighbour – Abercrombie & Fitch, it will most likely have its streams of customers. Its elegance and interior design is already enough to entice you to take that first step into the new Apple in the Garden City.


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